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In my opinion as a parent, the BDG basketball clinic is an absolute can't miss if a child wants to play the game of basketball. My son is entering in to his second season of ball and really lacked confidence on the floor. After only a few short weeks his fundamentals and desire to push skyrocketed!! He is now extremely comfortable and confident on the floor. The coaching staff did an excellent job of instilling the courage to push hard in weak areas and they build a true love of the game in each and every kid.
I cannot say enough or ever thank the staff of the BDG enough for what they have done in just weeks.
Thank you,
Sincerely Kyle J. Cantz

The BDG clinic provided my son with an opportunity to hone his basketball skills, increase his discipline and work with others who have the same love of the game. The coaches were knowledgeable and professional and set high expectations for the participants. My son walked out with a love and respect for the sport.
Thank you... this clinic has truly made a difference for my son. I would certainly recommend it to anyone with a desire to understand the mechanics of basketball coupled with a genuine appreciation of what it takes to play at a competitive level.
L. Bassett

The clinic is very well run. It is organized and precise. Concentrating on the fundamentals in a way that is enjoyable and challenging to the youngsters. I would recommend this experience for any ambitious young athletes.
Scott (Tyler's dad)

Great clinic! What I liked best was the focus on fundamentals and pointing out the mistakes the kids made when they made an error.
Jay Addison

Jim Gulla/Ed Bond,

I just wanted to drop you a line. Wade is playing on the Middle School team in Williamstown, also the travel team in the South Jersey basketball league as well as twp. rec. league so we are very busy. I wanted to let you know that we appreciated the effort in improving skills and the improvement of our 7th grade tournament team last year. Wade has received some compliments on how much his game has improved in the last couple of years some of which I attribute to the opportunity Wade received from the BDG. I just want to say thanks and keep up the good work.
Alan Gorney

Taught good teamwork and shooting skills, good passing and skills drills.

Jim Gulla is outstanding with fundamentals. Nice job.

Excellent clinic, I felt that you stressed on fundamentals such as ball handling, correct shooting form, boxing out and passing. I liked that when a kid did not do it right you made him do it until he understood. You didn't tolerate nonsense or horseplay. You kept the kids' attention and I felt that your desire was for them to learn and develop.

Never a mention of winning, just positive reinforcement of the basics and how sound skills (overall not individual) make for a complete player which leads to a complete team. Kevin really learned a lot about these basics and I think the presentation by the coaches had his respect from the start because of the confidence they showed in their selves and the positive reinforcement to the players in a no nonsense manner.
R. Kirk

Dear Mr. Gulla, Hi! You coached my son Charlie at that great basketball clinic at the Berlin School in spring of last year. That was the best clinic he'd ever attended.
Thanks again,
Joyce and Charlie Wohrab