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About Our Professional Shooting Sessions

Not Available at this time due to the Pandemic

Our Shooting Program provides players a unique and innovative way of learning proper shooting form. The Shooting Gun (6000) is a professional basketball training machine that is used by major universities and colleges. The Gun allows each player to get off hundreds of shots per hour while developing proper form and muscle memory which builds a players confidence. Great Shooters are not born they are developed. Our teaching method, which is used by professional and collegiate teams, creates game speed situations which make shooting fun and productive. Players get a very serious cardio workout as well as a tune up on footwork, passing, dribbling and screening in motion offensive sets. Since 2006, we have seen tremendous improvement in each player who has used our shooting program. We all know that word of mouth advertising is always the best form of advertising so we highly suggest that you visit our parent testimonial link and see what parents have to say about our shooting sessions. This should give you an indication of how good our program is and how well each player improved.

We will conduct our shooting sessions at Riverwinds Community Center in West Deptford starting in April 2020. More information will be available on our website in early April.

  • #1. The first session will be for Middle School and High School players. This 1 hour program will emphasize game speed and proper shooting form. It is geared to correct flaws and help a player develop at game speed.
  • #2. The second session is designed for Advanced Players. This session is an intense one hour clinic. It will give each player a full cardio workout as well as a full workout on ball handling, passing, footwork, dribbling and screening. In later stages of this shooting session we will also work on dribble, drive and attack which teaches lane penetration and how to get to the foul line. This is a great value for the price.

Please take a look at the links below and see how some of the best collegiate coaches in the United States use The Gun. It should give you an idea of what to expect and how successful your son or daughter will be if they are entered into our program.


Pat Summit - University of Tennessee

Catch and Shoot
With Defense

Rick Pitino - University of Louisville

Half Court
4 Man Circle
4 Man Circle
with Defense

Sean Miller - Xavier University

Spot Shooting
Zone Jumpers

Jerry Krause - Gonzaga University

Shooting Basics
Shots at
Game Speed

Miles Simon - University of Arizona

Curl and Flare
Moving Shot
Wing to Top
Pump Fake
1 Dribble Jump

Tom Izzo - Michigan State University

Izzo Intro
Drive & Kick, Swing, Swing
Ball Screen & Pop

Corner Wing Jumpers
Wing Curls & Flares